Native Animal
Each year in Australia, the RSPCA receives over 127,300 stray, injured and surrendered animals and investigates more than 58,500 complaints of animal cruelty and neglect.

The RSPCA relies on community support to provide care for animals in need and CopRice are proud to contribute a percentage from the sale of this product to help the RSPCA.

To support the RSPCA please visit or call your local RSPCA on 1300 777 221 (1300 RSPCA1).

For the protection and welfare of our native animals and birds, please ensure the following:

  • a bell is attached to your cats collar
  • keep your cat and other pets safely indoors at night
  • contact your local wildlife rescue officer in the event of injured wildlife.

An RSPCA donation is made on your behalf every time you purchase Max’s Cat Litter.